theptex produces finest natural latex cores for the bedding industry.

100% pure product


Natural latex is a milky liquid which is extracted from the rubber tree. This sap protects the tree against bacteria and insects. One tree will provide 150 grams overnight, needing 1600 trees to produce 1 King size core. The theptex latex is selected from the best farms in Thailand for its foaming capabilities and 100% naturalness. Thank you Mother Nature.


Theptex is used to dealing with customers all over the world, with a dedicated multi lingual staff prepared top service every customer.

High Quality

Theptex goal is to produce first quality natural latex cores. Mankind has always tried to imitate nature, but why synthetically copy something that is simply the best in regard to resilience, elasticity and body support for a good night’s rest?

Time commitment

At theptex we make time for our customers and are happy to tend to their individual wishes.

Traditional technology –

l’art de savoir faire & dedication

Either for healthy or for ecological reasons, nobody wants to sleep on a poisoned mattress. Theptex opted for the traditional way of working with natural latex. Natural latex is natural and hence unpredictable from season to season … like wine. At Theptex we accept no shortcuts to get to the required quality for a luxury product.

Healthy growth

Theptex cares to maintain a healthy environment by shaping a product that comes from a renewable resource of Thailand; the rubber trees. Travel distances from the plantation to the workshop are kept short and hence minimizing the carbon footprint.


Theptex, a BoI company with 15 years of experience in the production of latex cores. We take quality, honesty and craftsmanship serious.

In reliable

Theptex a BoI company Registered and paid up capital of THB 100 MM Employing 100 people You are giving your project in reliable hands.

Happy team work

Fair and healthy working conditions are the best basis for a great product. Theptex protects and promotes well-being and a balanced work life for its staff.


Sustainability needs to take a long view on how to benefit our environment and our society. With a relatively little known but by all standards superior natural product; theptex wants to contribute in promoting a Thai product in the spirit of the Thai tradition of well-being & hospitability.

A cycle
                of nature

Our product does not need to enlarge the Worlds Mountains of trash. You can easily dispose of it as compost after many years of beneficial use. As a renewable resource, the rubber tree will be ready to provide us with a new latex core.



When Rama was crowned King of Ayodhya he was in constant fear of being attacked by Ravana
and his army of demons, and losing his sleep. His favorite queen Sita understood
his worries and asked her most trusted advisor what to do.
This advisor got a dream from the angels to make a mattress with natural latex
as the qualities are remarkable.
Eight years the Advisor worked on a production process to make a latex mattress
and the result was divine.
The King got his sleep back, ruled wise and became the founder of divine dynasty.
Much alike the silk production secret of China; several 1900 the colonial industrialists
tried to divulge the secret of these matters but failed.
Still today, Theptex guards the secrets of this procedé which it got from the advisor
and the angels before he passed away; then passed on from generation upon generation.
There was only one condition, the mattresses had to stay divine and NO concessions
would ever be made in regard to quality.
Still today no mattress in the world can surpass the qualities
of these 100% natural latex mattresses.

from 100% natural latex
highest quality
made in Thailand
delivered everywhere.

Only with the finest and
purest latex from the Thai woods,
Theptex wants to provide the
healthiest virtue that everyone
can own to sleep on

the core to good sleep


Anti-bacterial & anti allergic characteristics provided by nature;

Cool ventilation through open cell structure; Superior resilience compared to traditional coils;

The unique, nonlinear compression profile of the rubber cell structure is giving the essential support to the different shapes of hips and shoulders of a body and correct spinal alignment.


with or without quality cover; in 1 or 7 comfort zones; in single, twin, queen and king sizes;

the core
to good sleep